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Intesync has developed a number of smart applications to meet specific client requirements, including inventory control, workflow automation, digital content management, insurance claims processing, online collaboration, and customer services. Listed here are a few examples.

1. Clinic Management. This system enables clinics to manage their entire practices, ranging from patient encounters to inventory management to health insurance claims. In addition to meeting meaningful use, the system is cloud-based and allow doctors, nurses, and administrative staff to automate their workflows and speed up data entry. It's also integated with electronic prescription and lab services throughout the country. The availability of a patient portal allows patients to access their medical records easily and securely.

2. eBusiness Solution. This system is designed for those businesses that want to supercharge their operations with advanced Internet technologies. It comes with a number of business management, office administration, appointment scheduling, CRM, accounting, human resource management, Web content management, ecommerce, and social networking functionalities to help reach specific business goals. The system is super easy to use and can be plugged and played from an existing Web site or a desktop/laptop computer.

3. Energy Control. This system lets buildings monitor their energy usage and adjust it based on a number of configurable criteria. For example, lightnings and ventilation can be adjusted automatically based on different times of the day and number of people in a room. The system also adds comfort to the buildings by directing energy usage to where it's needed the most. Building managers can use the data to plan for maintenance and renovation. The return of revenue in energy savings alone is immediate.