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Intesync provides services to a number of industries, including healthcare, online business, and green tech.


The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) sets aside approximately $35 billion in federal funding for health IT. We provide EHR consulting and implementation solutions to help physicians meet meaningful use and earn the incentive money, ranging from $44,000 to $64,000 per provider. We also address needs in such areas as practice management, medical billing and coding, and regulatory compliance with various government agencies. Our clients include EHR/EMR/PHR vendor companies as well as physician practices and hospitals.

Online Business

Intesync has built a number of SaaS services and eCommerce portals for companies in different industries, including retailers, Web designers, publishers, and software vendors. We use open source and proprietory technologies as well as third-party APIs. Our integration experience includes credit card merchant services, Google Tools, and Facebook apps. We use established frameworks, such as CakePHP and Microsoft .Net, to build quality products quickly and efficiently.

Green Tech

We work with green tech companies to manage their global supply chains and build innovative systems for delivering green tech services, including energy monitoring and water treatment applications. Our engineering team collaborates with subject matter experts in solar, led, electic vehicles, and materials science to meet our client needs in deploying advanced technologies to a fast growing market that demands more efficiency and lower pricing. Software solutions are now available for meeting these needs.